About Us

Have you ever purchased a pair of see through leggings? THE WORST! We were tired of spending $50+ for a pair of leggings that were either see through or basic in style. We were tired of being disappointed and spending hundreds of dollars on clothes we didn't love. We wanted cute athletic wear to express ourselves in the gym, so that it kept us motivated in achieving our fitness goals. That's when the idea started of what has become JBEE BRAND. Based in Chino Hills, CA located between Orange County and LA County. We are two best friends, Jacqueline and Brianna, who have a passion for fitness and fashion. Our JBEE BRAND is all about being unapologetically sexy and slaying wherever you go. We want women to feel beautiful and confident in and out of the gym.

The process from idea to launch was difficult. We started by sampling numerous items and fabrics, and we were let down quite often. With patience and dedication we were able to find the perfect flattering fit to hug and enhance every curve. We had to create a business model and use the little information we had to start our business.

Brianna has a corporate background in logistics, and Jacqueline has a background in sales/marketing. Together we have been able to juggle the multiple hats we have to wear to run this business. We are currently a two women show. We are customer service representatives, shipping, packers, photographers, website designer, social media manager, content creators, and we even use ourselves and our girlfriends as models. We both work full-time jobs and when we are off, we give our 100% to JBEE BRAND. All of the late nights are worth the reward for our passion that we strive to turn into our career that we absolutely enjoy.

Every launch has been a success, and the support we have received within our community has been unreal. They're the reason that we keep pushing forward and allowing us to make each launch bigger and bigger!